Q: The retreats that are hosted in France or Italy, will they be conducted in French, Italian or English?

All my work is conducted in English. I have many clients who speak English as a second language, so I am mindful of speaking English in a way that a variety of English speaking levels can understand. If you are concerned about your English proficiency, please contact me so we can discuss.

Q: What if I don’t have a specific goal?

Sometimes the work is to get really clear around what it is that we truly want to accomplish on the road ahead. I welcome you to complete the retreat application questionnaire. If it sounds like I might be able to help you gain some clarity, then we will hop on the phone for a jam session to bring it into focus. This session is on me and there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. We will know more after we talk.

Q: How many spaces are available?

These retreats are designed to be a more intimate experience. Often times the accommodations determine the number of people. Although the chateau can accommodate more than 40 people (like chateaux do), these retreats will limit the size to 6-12 people. The Isola Santa Cristina retreat will be limited to no more than 10 people. For private customized retreats, we can arrange them for an individual (you) or for your group (work team, friends in honor of a birthday or special event, etc.)

Q: Will I have my own bedroom and bathroom?

The cost of the retreat is based on single occupancy (unless noted) and each bedroom has its own private bathroom. If you are interested in attending the retreat with a buddy and want to share a room, please let me know. Each bedroom is unique, as are their bathrooms. Some have a shower, while others have a bathtub, and some have both. If you have a preference, we will do our best to pair you with the room that best suits your requests. However, please note that it is based on a first applied/paid basis. But do not worry, every single room in the chateau or villa is as lovely as can be.

Q: What can I expect from a typical day?

If you are like me, the day can only commence once coffee has been consumed. Our chefs will make sure that we do not drink our coffee (tea, juice) on empty stomachs. The day then begins with group workshops. Because my work is bespoke based on the participants,  that means that I will leverage stories, activities, and solo exploration prompts that I think will benefit the participants and group-at-large the most.  I use whatever is needed for the work to reach its full potential. That means pulling from a variety of modalities that can trigger insight and make sense out of the complexities of our individual journeys. You can share as much, or as little, as you wish with the group during the workshops. Then you can enjoy lunch on the terrace or in one of the indoor dining areas. The afternoon is meant to give you time to reflect, absorb, and go deeper into the work if you choose.  You may decide to do it with a walk, hike, run, swing, or swim. Or maybe you want to curl up and relax. It is up to you. Private one-on-one sessions are available to dive into things, and therapeutic massage allows time to melt away and absorb. Dinner is enjoyed as a group to round things out.

Q: I want to attend but can’t afford it, what can I do?

These retreats are powerful ways to restructure your life to map to your vision and goals. That is a tall order and requires an investment to yourself. If you are unable to afford the retreat now, and you agree that it would be a significant boost for you and your goals, then you can develop a timeline/plan to save up for an upcoming retreat. Many retreat participants attend with the support of their company or employer. If you'd like to discuss how to utilize the retreat as a professional development activity, please send me an email and we can discuss.

Q: How will you decide how to fill the retreat attendee spots?

The first step is to complete the application questionnaire. That will give an indication around what you are interested in taking away from the retreat. And then there is the unknown of whether my work will be a good fit for you, so we will schedule a phone/Skype 60-minute jam session to discuss your situation and any questions. This session is on me and there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. If I think that the retreat can benefit you, I will let you know. And from that point it will be based on the order that the applications and payments are received.

Q: Is there ongoing, one-on-one support offered to keep me accountable and in the zone beyond the retreat?

The short answer is , "yes!" All retreat participants will be offered a post retreat virtual1:1 session to keep them in the zone. This provides added value beyond the chateau experience. For those who would like more focused one-on-one support, you might be eligible to work with Julie directly, depending on the goal, and we will determine the frequency and duration that would be most beneficial. 

Q: Is it for men or women?

It is about openness, intelligence, kindness, honesty and fun. I find that these qualities are not gender specific. So if you think you have these qualities, I encourage you to go for it.

Q: Can I come late or leave early if the dates don't exactly work for me?

You are encouraged to arrive or depart on the designated arrival/departure days at whatever time works best for your travel schedule. We will have transportation arranged at set times, to and from nearby airports and/or train stations. Anything outside of these arranged times, will need to be coordinated by you, and we are happy to float suggestions to make it easier.  Please note that these retreats have a specific focus for each day. Outside of the designated arrival/departure days, if you come late or leave early you are likely to miss something that is connected to the overall process. I don't want you to miss anything, so late arrivals/departures (other than on designated arrival/departure days) are not recommended.

Q: What if I want to spend more time visiting the region? What should I do or see to maximize the retreat's benefits?

We are happy to supply you with a suggested list of things to do/see/eat and places to stay near and around our retreat locations. In fact, we recommend that participants tack on extra time before or after their retreat if they are able. For example: if you are attending the private island retreat in Italy, we recommend that you arrive in Venice a day or two before the retreat so that you can ignite your inspiration by taking in the wonders of the museums and canals. And if you are attending the retreat in Bourgogne, you may want to spend some time post-retreat to absorb the magic of the region so that you can continue to marinade in your vision for the road ahead. And we are happy to supply you with suggestions for how to go about doing this.

Q: What if I get sick, or something comes up and I can't attend? Can I get a refund?

This is an intimate retreat that includes meals and stay accommodations, therefore we need a confirmed list of attendees. That means that we cannot accommodate refunds.  However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, we will do our best to help you find someone to fill your spot. And if that works out, then great. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work out that way.

Q: Will there be vegetarian options?

All of our menus are geared towards a mostly vegetarian experience. The vegetable possibilities of the Burgundian countryside are abundant and the island retreats offer an abundance of fresh seafood options as well. The retreats will have a veggie-focused menu. In order to truly experience the best that these areas have to offer, we may also offer fish and meat options. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register so that we can factor those into the menus.

Q: Can I bring my significant other, or child to stay with me if they are not attending the retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to step outside of your day-to-day life, in order to tap into expanded possibilities. Therefore, it is best for individuals to be able to focus inward even outside of scheduled retreat activities.   For those who would like to invite others to join them pre or post retreat, we are happy to provide accommodation recommendations nearby. Also, we welcome you and your family members or friends to attend a retreat together, but only if you think it will add more positive mojo to your experience.

Q: Why is it so expensive?

We want you to be free to focus on you, your vision and your goals. We do our best to limit the amount of other arrangements and details that you would need to attend to each day.  Therefore, we make sure to plan out great places to meet, meals, and supplies. It is all factored into the cost of the retreat. Please note that the retreat participants will be offered post retreat virtual support to keep them in the zone. This provides added value beyond the chateau experience.

Q: Why is it so cheap?

Because we work with partners who support the mission of our strategic retreats, we often get to take advantage of the discount that affords. In addition, our Chefs are not only passionate about the local cuisines of each region, but also about possibilities and going big in life, and they do what they can to make their services as affordable as possible to our intimate groups.

Q: Is it scary? Should I expect to cry?

Breakthroughs are exciting. Clarity is invigorating. And creativity can unleash the beast within. Sometimes the path to these things is blocked and the removal of the blockage can find a release through tears, exclamations, dance, or laughter. It is hard to predict what the effect will be for each individual. We promise that our intention is to keep things light and relaxed, yet targeted.

Q: I am just not sure if a retreat is what I need. How can I determine if this is the right thing for me?

Please feel free to send an email to julie@thestrategicspace.com and we will discuss where things are at for you and what you would like to take away from the retreat.  If I think that our retreats will be a powerful experience for you, I will be honest and tell you. As well, all retreat applicants are invited to have a quick phone conversation with Julie. We will have a better idea if there is a chemistry fit– a lot can be understood from the human voice.

Q: Have another question related to the retreats, or about my work?

Shoot me an email and we will get you an answer.  julie@thestrategicspace.com