About Julie Hosler

Julie Hosler Narrative Strategist

The Strategic Space is the powerful area located between where things are now and where we want them to be.  I focus on closing that gap.

I have been in the business of transformation my entire life—taking the ordinary and molding it into something more interesting and meaningful. It has been my personal mission to seek out alternatives to the commonplace, and produce something more inspired and inspiring.

In the beginning

As a child I conducted makeovers for my family and neighbors, my goal even then was to transform ordinary lives into something fabulous.  Back then, my makeovers were small art projects, where I began exploring how the exterior could transform our relationship to our possibilities.

From agency life

From an early age, I had felt that I should pursue Harvard Law School, but my inner voice thought that there could be something much more inspired.  And it was right. My degree in Marketing & Communications launched me into agency life.  

As a marketing strategist, I used brand campaigns as a canvas for more visible transformations.


After all, marketing is just a creative way to tell stories. I have worked on the agency side, the client side, and as a consultant. With corporate clients, I’ve worked with a range of clients from technology companies like HP and Apple, to luxury brands like Cartier and Harry Winston. With a variety of clients in the technology, entertainment, design, scientific, and luxury industries, I have always  sought out ways to tell more interesting stories that inspire their customers, their workforce, as well as themselves, all the while accomplishing their business goals.

To individual lives

Things came full circle, when I received an advanced certification from the International Coaching Federation.  This gave me additional neuro-linguistic, psychology and interpersonal tools that allowed me to enhance my strategic approach.  I found that I could leverage narrative to help individual people, the same way I had been using it with brands, to transform their businesses– from CEO’s who are building a meaningful legacy, to PhD’s who are seeking alternative routes for their professional possibilities.

Now I work with both brands and individuals to restructure their narratives to something that is more inspiring, meaningful and significant.

Not only do I help a diverse group of clients to embody a more interesting story, but I also apprentice with my own life. I practice what I preach by transforming my own big ideas, into my reality. 

Here’s my story.

Some people go to the mountain, I went to Paris.

It was another rainy morning in 2003, I was sitting in my agency office in Portland, Oregon. I remember looking out the window thinking “What’s my story?” On paper, it seemed fabulous. So then why was it that I caught myself staring out my corner office window wondering “Is this all there is?”

Or is there something more interesting in store?
— This question haunted me.


Overwhelmed by the threat of a later life regret, I initiated a conversation with my future 88-year-old self. I asked her if she was satisfied with her life’s story, or if there was something that she would have changed if she had the chance for a re-write. 

I would have based my story in Paris.
— She replied.

All I could think was, “Hell yeah! I wish… If only. But how?”

By leveraging many of the same tools that I had been using to guide Fortune 500 companies to execute bold campaigns, I set out for an international relocation that seemed “nearly impossible.”

In fact, if I were to give that chapter of my life a title, it would likely have been titled,  I Can’t.

And as it turns out, the phrase I Can’t is a powerful trigger for me to transform the seemingly impossible into reality.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was harnessing the power of one of the oldest narrative structures in the world —The Hero’s Journey. My personal process and journey mapped directly to the phases as outlined by American scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell.  Much of which maps legendary psychologist Carl Jung’s archetypal reflection of the universal human mind.  I am happy to share the details of this process—get in touch and we will talk.

Long story short, I and am now based in Paris, France and work internationally via the phone, video, and in person. It is here that many 1:1 strategy sessions, client intensives, workshops, and retreats are conducted.

If you are interested in producing your own transformation, feel free to reach out and we will find a time to talk.