Most of my long distance clients work with me virtually via phone or video sessions, and for those nearby, we meet in person. Some choose to work in inspiring locations around the world for intensive or group workshop sessions. Whatever is best for the client, the situation, and maximizing the potential of our work.

There are a few ways to work with me:

  • Individual one-on-on
  • Group Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Project consulting 

Clients typically seek my support when they are looking for:

  • Clarity of vision and its protection from distractions and detrimental influences
  • A path towards accomplishing a defined goal
  • Resolution of problematic situations
  • Strategic roadmaps and action plans to execute
  • Resurfacing from being bogged down in the everyday
  • Loosening of creative stuck-ness
  • An objective set of eyes to remove blockages and obstacles
  • Solutions that may have been overlooked
  • Restoration of an innovative and creative state of mind
  • Facilitation of insights and ideas
  • Creativity, inspiration and motivational boosting
  • Championing of long-term vision
  • Brainstorming untapped resources and new paths forward
  • Marketing, branding and communication strategy consulting
  • Discovery of the next big thing

Individual one-on-one:

Individual one-on-one sessions are good for people who want to keep ongoing focus on their goals, with accountability, collaborative support, and guidance. Ambitious and inspired people tend to evaluate their life or career at the beginning of a new year or season. But a new year, or new goal begins whenever you decide it begins. It can begin right now, for example. One-on-one sessions are designed as a structure for commitment to flourish, making real change happen.


A way for a group or team to envision a shared mission, next chapter, common goals and overall legacy. It presents focused time to strengthen the business core, while allowing team members the time to reflect and build the narrative for achieving goals and visions. These workshops serve as a catalyst to propel a company forward, while also reinvigorating individuals on a personal level.

Retreats (group and private):

Each retreat is an opportunity to recalibrate your life’s (career or business) story, start a new chapter, tweak the plot, find a way through obstacles, tap into an inspired place filled with enthusiasm and resources—whatever it takes to make it great.

A great option for people who want to travel to extract themselves from their day-to-day and work intensively on individual goals alongside a small group, or as a private retreat. To learn more about retreats, click here.

To learn more about private retreats, send an email and we will talk.

Project consulting:

Have a story that you want to tell in a powerful way? Whether it is creating content plans for digital and social media, or helping to make sense out of all of your content and media channels, I can help.  I work with corporations, educational institutions, non profits and entrepreneurs to communicate a meaningful story that interests their audience while accomplishing their goals. If you have a project that you’d like to discuss, get in touch and we will talk.