This Pilot Grant opportunity makes it possible for you or someone you know to attend an upcoming Personal Strategy Retreat at Chateau de Mailly. This announcement was prompted by a deep sense of urgency to expedite a program that promotes opportunity despite circumstances.

Opportunity should have no boundaries. It should not be based on your ethnicity, geographic, or economic circumstances. This resonates with our retreat's values on a deep level, and apparently, we are not alone as this message is booming through news and social media feeds.

If we are defined by our actions, and not by waiting for things to become more comfortable (or unbearable) then we have decided to ACT NOW by expediting the administrative process to set up our Foundation/Grant program. Rather than wait until it is finalized later this year, we are excited to share this Pilot Grant opportunity now:

As part of the Pilot for our grant funding program, we are offering a grant to cover the full 2700€ expense for an emerging creative visionary* to attend the upcoming Personal Strategy Retreat at Chateau de Mailly, April 5-9, 2017.  

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 24th. (Grant Applications are now closed)

Do you know someone who would thrive from this opportunity if the costs were covered? A sister, brother, parent, colleague, friend, godchild, neighbor, teacher, entrepreneur, singer, writer, filmmaker, ambitious dreamer... 

Or, is that someone you?

Or maybe, you really want to experience this retreat alongside someone who might not have the same financial means as you do. And this makes it possible to come together.

If so, let us know. 

The application process is easy:

1.  Send an email to describing how this type of opportunity would empower you (or someone you know) to kick start your next chapter in a powerful way, and what you hope to come away with.

2.  Tell us how to best reach you through Monday, February 27th: your name, phone and email.

3.  Deadline is Friday, February 24th. (Grant Applications are now closed) 

4.  We will review each submission, everyone will receive a response, and the beneficiary will be notified by Monday, February 27th. Yes, it’s a quick turnaround, but sometimes the best decisions happen with lightning speed.

Although it is a Pilot Program, it is still a grant, which means that if you are awarded it, you may be asked to report back the effects that the retreat has had on your vision. You may also be asked to be included (with quotes or statements) in any coverage of the retreat experience by magazines, newspapers, art journals, future foundation/grant materials, etc.

*What are we looking for in an emerging creative visionary?

· Genuine desire to fuel your own journey with focus, inspiration, enthusiasm and action. 

· A commitment to treating life like your most important creative project, as a creative visionary would. 

· A willingness to go for it despite any self-doubt being experienced. 

· The optimism and courage to open up and accept the gift of opportunity.

· The availability and commitment to attend during the specified dates (April 5-9, 2017).

If you've been waiting for the stars to align, your schedule to clear, and life to get less complicated, you will likely be waiting a long long time. Maybe forever. But if you just need the 2700€ price to be covered, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  

Please email any questions to To see the details about the retreat, please visit the Personal Strategy Retreat page.