Spring Retreat: May 23-27, 2018

Isola Santa Cristina, Venice, Italy

A 4-night personal strategy retreat on a private island off the coast of Venice, Italy  that includes a private  or shared room with en suite bathroom, chef-prepared meals, workshops, one-on-one sessions with Julie Hosler, contemplative practices, and the tools to map your future success. Eat, drink, be inspired and create a plan for your next chapter. Plan to leave recharged, focused and invigorated.  

Consider it a powerful vacation with benefits.

  • Wednesday, May 23, evening arrival* (Welcome reception 7-9pm)
  • Thursday,  May 24 full day **
  • Friday,  May 25 full day**
  • Saturday,  May 26 full day**
  • Sunday, May 27, afternoon departure*,  post-brunch                     

*  you will be picked up/returned by private boat at a designated time, to/from Marco Polo Airport. We encourage you to tack on a day or two at the beginning or end of your trip so that you can absorb the artistic beauty of Venice. It's a great way to ignite your inspiration, jumpstart your retreat experience, or allow additional absorption time.

** Morning workshops with afternoon solo exploration

Who it is for:

People who are the creative visionaries of their own life, with an inherent desire to seek, explore, create and go big in life. This is a wonderful opportunity to come solo, or to experience with whomever you'd like to explore your journey with.

What’s included:

·      Private bedroom with en suite bathroom (single occupancy or shared)

·      Chef prepared meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner (including fresh catch of the day seafood from local fishermen and Italian wines)

·      Morning workshops to give you a lens for gaining insight and perspective based on the narrative structure of the Monomyth  (The Hero’s Journey)

·      Afternoon solo exploration

·      1:1 personal strategy session with Julie Hosler

·      Contemplative practice such as a rowing excursion, restorative breathing guided session, or daily solo practices to clear away the mind’s clutter

·      Retreat supplies

·      1:1 follow up session with Julie, 30 days post-retreat, to keep you in the zone


  • Single bedroom/en suite bathroom, private occupancy: COMPLETE
  • Double bedroom/en suite bathroom, shared occupancy: COMPLETE
  • Master bedroom/en suite bathroom, single occupancy: COMPLETE

Please note that room availability and assignments are on a first applied/paid basis.


Julie was an incredibly generous, warm and engaged facilitator. Her strategic insights were fantastic.

If you need to deconstruct a mountain, examine it from all sides, gear up for the climb of your life and then have the best guide around...that’s what it’s like working with Julie. She makes mountain climbing a joyful process—you still have to do the scaling, but you get to the summit before you could be distracted by your worries about reaching it.”
I am back to a state of enthusiasm and energy, not a restrictive place of right and wrong decisions. I am no longer focused on searching out all the reason why something won’t work, but rather on finding reasons and evidence why it will. I needed this perspective adjustment.

The purpose of these retreats is to:

• Hit the reset button

• Re-engage with your inspired self in a creative and laid-back way

• Give your vision a tune-up

• Stimulate your imagination from a magical location

• Step outside of your day-to-day routine in order to re-imagine your life, career, business

• Dissolve the strength of your challenges, problems and limitations

• Create a path forward with clear, actionable steps

Please come to the retreat with:

• A vision, a yearning for something more interesting to you, or specific goal

• An openness to new perspectives, possibilities, and inspirations

• The willingness to absorb the wisdom of this magical location

• A courageous mindset to face obstacles and challenges 

• A kind energy and willingness to be your best self

• A commitment to yourself and your life as your most important project

You’ll leave with:

• A reawakening of your enthusiastic and inspired self

• A path forward plus an action plan to get there

• A new connection with a magical location

• A clear picture of what will push you forward, and what will hold you back

• A toolset to overcome obstacles

• A support system

• Post-retreat virtual support to keep you in the zone

About Us




Julie Hosler is a Narrative Strategist who uses the transformative power of story to help creative visionaries achieve bigger things. She works with individuals and organizations to accomplish something meaningful– by seeking out alternative narratives to the commonplace and making them actionable. The result is something more authentic, enthusiastic and inspired.  Many people consider her their own personal strategist, head of communications, existential detective, chief counselor, creative partner, collaborator, coach  and trusted advisor all rolled into one. "I’ve created these retreats to extract you from your day-to-day and kick-start your next chapter in a powerful way."


Karen Henry

Karen Henry is more than an Occupational Therapist for physically challenged children to help them achieve their own independence. She cares for all people in a way that is intuitive and nurturing.  She often knows what you need before you do. After having experienced the life-expanding magic of The Strategic Space strategy work firsthand, she now extends her assistance to our retreat participants so that their experience is optimal. She's a great resource for support and attentive care, which is why we consider her our retreat doula.

Ivan Garlassi

Ivan Garlassi is not only a gifted chef, he is also an example of the magical effect of following your bliss. His humor and energy is as delightful as his food, and his knowledge of local fish and seasonal produce is surprising and informative. He is one of the first chefs to obtain a European Masters  in Culinary Nutrition, and is sharing this expertise by consulting with restaurants in Bologna, Italy. During the retreat you can experience his magic firsthand– each meal is a delightful and delicious adventure. If you find yourself in Bologna, Italy, you must make your way to the restaurants where he is performing his culinary wizardry. 


Getting here

Isola Santa Cristina is located in the north of the Venetian lagoon near Burano and Torcello, twenty-five minutes by boat from the city of Venice, Italy and thirty-five minutes by boat from Marco Polo airport. A private boat transfer to/from Isola Santa Cristina will be arranged at a designated time for retreat participants.

By plane

The closest airport is Marco Polo Airport on the Italian mainland. The journey by boat from the airport takes approximately thirty-five minutes.

By car

If arriving in Venice by car, guests may leave their vehicles in the secure parking facilities at Marco Polo Airport, and then take the private boat transfer from the airport at the designated time. 


About Isola Santa Cristina


Isola Santa Cristina is an oasis nestled between the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Dolomites mountain range to the northwest, and the artistically rich city of Venice to the south. Originally settled in the fifth century as part of a group of garden islands known as Ammiana. Today, Isola Santa Cristina is the only island of the original Ammiana archipelago to survive being swallowed up by water. 

Once a monastery, it is now home to a range of wildlife and a perfect setting to birth inspired visions.  Paths wind through cypress and olive groves, and meander along traditional fishing valleys and a forest where wild peacocks nest make the island a natural paradise. Isola Santa Cristina is home to thriving organic orchards, gardens, and vineyards, a peninsula with sweeping views, and its own ancient brick chapel. The island’s crowning jewel is a nine-bedroom, fully-renovated villa full of light and space, set off by a wood decked pool area with three gazebos. The rooftop altana boasts a panoramic view of an uncrowded salt water lagoon and the property’s own lake. It is in the process of becoming fully self-sustainable with its own fresh water source, organic fish, and produce farming.

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