SPRING | April 24-28, 2019: COMPLETE

FALL | October 16-20, 2019: FULL (Waitlist)

Because our Fall retreat is already full, we are accepting applications to be considered for an additional Fall retreat in October 2019. If you are interested, please submit your application and we will be in touch. Thank you!

Chateau de Mailly, Bourgogne, France

A 4-night personal strategy retreat in a magical chateau that includes a private room/bath, meals prepared by chef Ollie Timberlake, workshops, one-on-one sessions, therapeutic massage, and the tools to map your future success. Eat, drink, be inspired and create a plan for your next chapter. Plan to leave recharged, focused and invigorated.  

Consider it a powerful vacation with benefits.

  • Wednesday, evening arrival (Welcome reception 7-9pm)

  • Thursday, full day *

  • Friday, full day*

  • Saturday, full day*

  • Sunday, afternoon departure (post-brunch, 2:00pm)

* Morning workshops with afternoon solo exploration


Who it is for:

People  who are the creative visionaries of their own life, with an inherent desire to seek, explore, create and go big in life. This is a wonderful opportunity to come solo, or to experience with whomever you'd like to explore your journey with.


What's included:

• Private bedroom with en suite bathroom (single occupancy or shared)

• Morning workshops to give you a lens for gaining insight and perspective based on the narrative structure of the Monomyth

• Afternoon solo exploration 

• 1:1 personal strategy session with Julie Hosler 

• On-site therapeutic massage, and daily solo practices to clear away the mind’s clutter

• Retreat supplies

• Gourmet meals by Chef Ollie Timberlake: vegetarian-focused breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, including wine.

• 1:1 follow up session with Julie, 30 days post-retreat, to keep you in the zone



Private Room, single occupancy: 2900€ 

Shared Suite, double occupancy for friends who apply/register/pay together: 2600€ pp 


Does this sound like something you are ready to experience for yourself? If so, take a few minutes to fill out the retreat application. This will give us a benchmark of where things are at for you right now, and where you'd like them to be. You may be surprised to find the application process is a powerful step towards realizing your bigger vision. Once you've completed it, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.


Based at the fairytale Chateau de Mailly deep in the Burgundy countryside, Ms Julie Hosler’s Personal Strategy Retreats are rapidly becoming the stuff of legend in both business and creative circles... Expect to leave recharged, refocused and reinvigorated, and consider this the most enjoyable investment in your future you’ll ever make.
— MR PORTER, The Healthiest Holidays on the Planet, January 2017
I can’t remember the last time I took four days for myself (much less 4 minutes). Taking a look at my trajectory through the lens of a fresh and inspired perspective is a god send. Julie is a masterful and witty guide through the process. Although I hate to leave the chateau, I am surprisingly excited to get back to my life so I can infuse it with the clarity, focus, and tools, that I am bringing back with me.

The purpose of these retreats is to:

• Hit the reset button

• Re-engage with your inspired self in a creative and laid-back way

• Give your vision a tune-up

• Stimulate your imagination from a magical location

• Step outside of your day-to-day routine in order to re-imagine your life, career, business

• Dissolve the strength of your challenges, problems and limitations

• Create a path forward with clear, actionable steps

Please come to the retreat with:

• A vision, a yearning for something more interesting to you, or specific goal

• An openness to new perspectives, possibilities, and inspirations

• The willingness to absorb the wisdom of this magical location

• A courageous mindset to face obstacles and challenges 

• A kind energy and willingness to be your best self

• A commitment to yourself and your life as your most important project

You’ll leave with:

• A reawakening of your enthusiastic and inspired self

• A path forward plus an action plan to get there

• A new connection with a magical location

• A clear picture of what will push you forward, and what will hold you back

• A toolset to overcome obstacles

• A support system

• Post-retreat virtual support to keep you in the zone

It was my extreme fortune to be led by Julie through my own personal narrative. The retreat left me mindful of my present, at peace with my past and optimistic of my future. Be it as part of a corporate-funded partnership nurturing creativity and confidence of decision making or as a journey of personal reaffirmation, you will not find a more worthwhile investment in yourself.

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About Us

Julie Hosler Photo by Jeffrey Morgenthaler.png



Julie Hosler is a Narrative Strategist who uses the transformative power of story to help creative visionaries achieve bigger things. She works with individuals and organizations to accomplish something meaningful– by seeking out alternative narratives to the commonplace and making them actionable. The result is something more authentic, enthusiastic and inspired.  Many people consider her their own personal strategist, head of communications, existential detective, creative partner, coach  and trusted advisor all rolled into one.

OllieTimberlake first started catering in London over 25 years ago to private and business clients. She now creates her culinary treasures from Bourgogne, France and sources her produce from both local farmers, artisanal producers, and some of France’s best wine makers. She creates a distinct infusion of flavors that are influenced by her love and knowledge of classical French cuisine combined with her English and Jamaican heritage, described as fresh, yet rustic, comforting, yet vibrant–always beautiful and nourishing. www.ollietimberlake.co

Karen Henry .png

Karen Henry is more than an Occupational Therapist. She cares for all people in a way that is intuitive and nurturing.  She often knows what you need before you do. After having experienced firsthand the life-expanding magic of The Strategic Space strategy work, she now extends her assistance to our retreat participants so that their experience is optimal. She's a great resource for support and attentive care, which is why we consider her our retreat doula.

Valerie Lowenbruck.jpg

Valérie Lowenbruck is a wellness practitioner and licensed massage therapist from the Bourgogne region. She uses her calm strength to help recalibrate balance and bring a deeper sense of relaxation. Whether using ancient massage techniques to lower stress hormones, or aromatherapy to improve focus, she has a way of helping you melt into yourself so you can absorb the clarity and wisdom of your retreat experience. You won’t know what hit you when you step off of her table. It is like being cast under a magic spell of harmony and well-being.

Getting here

Le Chateau de Mailly, 5 rue du Chateau, 89660 Mailly le Chateau, France

By train : the direct train from Paris to Mailly la Ville, lasts two hours and twenty minutes. There are two trains daily. Mailly la Ville is three kilometers from Mailly le Chateau. We will provide transportation from the station. Otherwise, there are several trains daily from Paris to Auxerre, which is 25 kilometers from Mailly le Chateau. Transportation from the Auxerre station will be provided as well.

By car : The drive from the center of Paris to Mailly le Chateau lasts just under two hours, traffic permitting. One must take the A6 autoroute to exit 19, Auxerre Nord, and then follow N 6 south in the direction of Dijon, bypassing Auxerre. The exit to Mailly la ville will be indicated off to the right ,about 15 kilometers down N6. More detailed directions are available upon request. 


About the chateau

Perched high above the Burgundian countryside, with its prehistoric rock formations, cow dotted pastures and surrounding forests, at the confluence of the Yonne river and the Canal Nivernais, sits the Chateau de Mailly. Originally a fortified stronghold and still encircled by its medieval walls, it offers unobstructed views stretching miles around. Within its fortified walls, are five buildings, a rooftop garden, and pool, surrounding its center courtyard. The oldest structures date back to the middle ages.

Built on a cliff's edge in front, and protected by a ravine in back, commanding the valley at the border of the Auxerrois and the Nivernais regions, an ideal location for an easily defendable stronghold, the Chateau of Mailly, has, nevertheless, been battered through six centuries of war, destroyed once during the Hundred Year War and then again during the French revolution.  www.chateau-de-mailly.com/ 

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