IN THE MEDIA: Retreat STories

"You don’t have to have a ‘situation’ to deal with to benefit from a retreat of this kind. They're for for people who are ready to embrace life (career/business) and act positively. The Strategic Space Retreats help you plan your future, give yourself a creative reboot and realize your dreams. You’ll leave energized and focused.”

–Psychologies Magazine, Retreats to help you find direction, July 2018

“Best places to go in Europe for a much-needed boost…This 4-night retreat with narrative strategist, Julie Hosler, is designed for anyone looking for a personal, career-led, or business reboot. You’ll have a plan to take home and a virtual post-retreat follow-up strategy session.”

The Times, The Best Spas and Bootcamps in Europe, June 2018

"A clearly intelligent and well-read American now living in Paris, Hosler worked on client campaigns such as Apple and Cartier before moving on to help chief executives and entrepreneurs. Her workshops and advice during one-to-one consultations are intelligent and inspiring, and I left feeling raring to go."

The Times (UK), The Strategic Space Retreats, February 2018

"The Strategic Space is the brainchild of US-born, Paris-based strategist Julie Hosler. Having streamlined the lives of global corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs for years, Hosler now leads life-changing retreats… the place to pin down your personal story – your bigger vision for your life and career."

The Gloss Magazine (Ireland), Destination Transformation, January 2018

"If your New Year resolutions involve making some big personal changes, kick things off with The Strategic Space’s retreat – a way to hit the reset button, giving guests the chance to reimagine life from the comforts of the beautiful Isola Santa Cristina in north Italy."

The National UAE (Dubai), Transformative Travel, January 2018

"Are you looking for clarification on the next stage of your life, relationship, career or business?  I went late last year and got crystal clear direction on the next stage of my life whilst enjoying the most gorgeous surroundings of a magical chateau in Burgundy, indulgent and nourishing food (and wine) and the clever attentions of a brilliant strategist."

Healthista, Retreat of the week, August 2017

"The retreat’s key message is this: if you’re the author of your story, how do you want the next chapter of it to go? We’re all different, but we all want the next chapter of our lives to read supremely well. On this delightful retreat of the mind, you start to believe that it just might."

The Telegraph, Holidays That Will Improve Your Life, March 2017

"Based at the fairytale Chateau de Mailly deep in the Burgundy countryside, Ms Julie Hosler’s Personal Strategy Retreats are rapidly becoming the stuff of legend in both business and creative circles... Expect to leave recharged, refocused and reinvigorated, and consider this the most enjoyable investment in your future you’ll ever make."

MR PORTER, The Healthiest Holidays on the Planet, January 2017

"Engaging and entertaining, the workshops pivot on themes from The Hero’s Journey, the narrative pattern identified in stories, films, and psychological development by scholar Joseph Campbell. All of us are always at some point on the cycle, says Hosler, for life is a constant transformation."

Queen of Retreats, website of curated retreats

Corporate  & organization Clients: Program Stories

The Do-Gooder Technology Company: This Fortune 500 technology company had impressive Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility programs, but no one knew about them, including their own employees.

Together we found a way to tell their story on digital and social media platforms, and to integrate it into the brand at large. We identified and highlighted the programs that they had in place, found the life changing stories behind each one, and developed interactive ways to tell them to their customers, the media and employees. We also harnessed their untapped social media channels to mobilize their employees and spread the word.

Their reputation score with customers increased, employee satisfaction/retention improved, HR leveraged this story as a recruitment tool and they quickly became a CSR thought leader in the industry.

Building a Legacy: Each year the management team from an innovative entertainment company goes away as a group. Their mission is to uncover the previous year’s challenges and to identify ways to learn from them to make the next year even better. The problem is that their success has led to a mild case of complacency, and their typical management off-sites lose their power once they are back in their day-to-day environment.

The CEO wanted to try something different, to tap into the intrinsic motivation of the team in order to shape the company’s long term legacy. The Power of Story workshop made the process entertaining and engaged each of the managers. Overall, it was a creative and non threatening way to turn the lens on the company, team, and individual superpowers. They strengthened their sense of identity and purpose and came away with a realistic, and immediate action plan for future growth and ongoing innovation.

The Story of Science: This award winning international scientist thought that she just needed an updated website and presentation materials in order to reflect her award-winning science, attract the best researchers, and continue securing research grants from a highly competitive funding pool.

What we realized is that there was an inspiring story that needed to be told, not just to impress funding decision makers, but to motivate internal lab team as well as innovate the scientific funding model. Together we crafted a “What if…” story that sets this scientist’s research apart from others in the same field. Their new website now reflects their powerful research and discoveries. Plus, it is now able to communicate beyond a highly scientific audience, sparking interest from the general public. With this new ability to tell their story to the general public in clear and relevant ways they can expand the scientific research funding model by adding crowd sourcing. All the while being applauded by the scientific community at large.


Individual clients: personal Stories

The CEO who turned Plan C into Plan A: Just as this CEO had reached the top of his career ladder, he panicked to find the next rung to climb. He was stuck and void of inspiration and enthusiasm which resulted in a depletion of self confidence and energy. He had been suppressing a dream that he referred to as his Plan C.

Together we charted a smart path to Plan C, past fear and subconscious expectations so he could take action steps without unnecessary pressure and “should” expectations that he was used to putting on himself. Now Plan C is Plan A.

From Should to Could: This creative director found himself at the apex of his career, replete with recognition and financial rewards. Yet when offered the “project of a lifetime” he was surprised to find himself in deep contemplation about what to do next.

We discovered that he had reduced his next chapter to an either/or situation, that revolved around the word ‘should’. Instead, we created a powerful narrative for the next chapter of his life and work, which was rooted firmly in the concept of ‘could’, thus providing the framework for his enthusiasm to thrive.

Reducing the Overwhelm: This executive could navigate any challenge that presented itself, and she took them all on slaying each one, regardless of her limited bandwidth and depleted energy supplies. That was precisely her problem.

We had to minimize her overwhelm and habit of taking on everything that crossed her path so that we could hear the persistent knocking of that big idea that had been suppressed for the past 30 years. Together we unpacked all of the versions of the idea that she had been stuffing away, and articulated a mission and execution plan to bring her “big idea” to life.  Along the way we developed tools for minimizing her old habits and diminishing beliefs that had been holding her back, so that she could stay focused and enthused. Now she has a platform for expressing her idea, and hears an ongoing stream of praise for doing something that “everyone needs in their life.”

The Aspiring Artist: This emerging artist found himself  in a state of panic. He had dreams of attending one of the world’s most prestigious art schools. And with a strict admittance process on the horizon, he was looking for some motivational boosting and structure to ensure that his application would be accepted.

Together, we developed a strategy of significance and meaning so that it felt lighter, easier and more natural to him. It resulted in an action plan with key milestones to prevent last minute panic and stress. And yes, he was accepted! His new mindset has a solid foundation upon which his creativity and artistry can shine amidst a rigorous art program.


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